The features you come across while you Compare Micromax, Karbonn Mobiles or Spice Mobile Phones

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In the present world of mobile, many latest mobiles have come into light and there is lot of craze for them. A Mobile phone allows calls into public switched telephone system over a radio link. In the ancient mobile phones they had only limited services. Modern cellular phones make use of the cellular network concept which allows many users to share the access to radio frequency. In the present Mobile phones there are different features like text messaging, MMS, email, Internet access, Short range wireless communications which involves infrared or Bluetooth, applications in Business, gaming and Photography. Mobile phones that offer all these facilities are known as Smart phones.

Micromax India has introduced Micromax mobiles in the year 1991. With this introduction a great beginning was made where the Micromax stands as the leader in the provider of wireless telephony solutions in the country. By bringing about the innovative technologies, the company has brought about revolution in the telecom sector. Many types of Micromax mobiles with different version are present in the market. All of them have different features. Lot of features can be seen when we compare Micromax mobiles of the type that has the CDMA bar phones that comes with color Screen, Stereo FM, Radio and Long duration Battery. There are also varieties of Micromax mobiles that support all the latest versions of a mobile phone and stated as smart mobile phone.

Spice Mobiles have the Display of 3D or is auto stereoscopic. It also accompanies the features like 3D video player, 3D image viewer, 3D user Interface 16 GB with expandable memory. It also has the unlimited phone book memory, FM radio and MP 3 player phone. When we Compare Spice Mobiles with any other, it has the latest features that also supports the feature of multi SIM and has stereo Bluetooth. The main advantage is the presence of remote wipe where you don’t have to be scared that some one will access your personal data. The special feature of M-67 3D will help in controlling the phone remotely. When you loose your phone you can send a command to control the phone. By few options you can control the handset like Switch off your phone, Delete Phone book; Call Logs can be deleted and messages as well. You can also format the memory card and phone. You can also send the Business card.

Karbonn Mobile phones are present where only few of their versions will support the dual GSM SIM and they are K217, K541, K330 and K 451.This will support the Single Active Dual standby for dual SIM handsets and this process is complete when the handset is in active mode both the SIM cards will be active and when in call mode only single SIM will work. One can Compare Karbonn mobiles and check with the other mobile features where in this also support the feature of Call Background Music  in sense when you are in call mode then you can create the background voice to Train, Bazaar, Crowded place etc so that caller will assume that you  are really in such a place. Apart from this the voice changer mode can also be done where you can change the voice to a lady, women or child and change the voice so that the caller on the other end will not be able to recognize the original voice.

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The features you come across while you Compare Micromax, Karbonn Mobiles or Spice Mobile Phones

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The features you come across while you Compare Micromax, Karbonn Mobiles or Spice Mobile Phones

This article was published on 2011/10/15