Recycle Mobiles - Show Some Courtesy Towards Your Home Planet, The Earth!

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Modern handsets are replacing old ones and making people to throw their old or out of service handsets. In the United Kingdom, the number of such mobile phone subscribers is very high who changes their handsets randomly as some new handsets come to the market.

This is a part of their lavish life. But disposing a device that uses radioactive substances inside it, in open grounds is not a healthy practice at all, not for human beings as well as earth's protecting shield, the Ozone layer. The battery used in mobile phones contain a good amount of silicon that is considered harmful for living beings. If you think after dumping the handset in the open farms will resolve your problem then you are at mistake. Mobile phones are made of such non degradable material that does not disposed even after a long time.

Thus, if you do not want to get into health problems like cancer or some other serious health issues due to radioactive waste then do go for Recycle Mobiles. There are many mobile recycling plants all around the world where the radioactive waste is disposed very safely so that it does not harm near by environment. In fact, the biggest mobile manufacturer Nokia has also established big mobile recycling plants.

Apart from healthy life, there are some more benefits of mobile phone recycling. The biggest one is the monetary advantage of recycle mobiles. There are many mobile phone stores which pay some amount of cash back if you give your old or out of service handset for recycling. Isn't is great, that a waste product is also helping you to earn some money in return. Moreover, recycling of mobile phones not only help the user but it also helps mobile manufacturers as well. The mobile phone material which can be reused, helps manufacturer to avoid further purchasing of same material and to save a good amount of money. In fact, nowadays mobile manufacturers are also taking a great care and using eco friendly material in for manufacturing mobile phones. You can find various mobile phones in the market that are made of 100% recycled material. Thus, become a responsible person and show some courtesy towards your home planet earth. Go for recycle mobiles and live safe!.

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Recycle Mobiles - Show Some Courtesy Towards Your Home Planet, The Earth!

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Recycle Mobiles - Show Some Courtesy Towards Your Home Planet, The Earth!

This article was published on 2011/03/15