Bulk SMS in India – A billion dollar industry

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The thin line that separates internet from mobile platform is slowly but surely disappearing. A day is not far when the two platforms will practically run parallel to each other. The galloping growth of internet since the early 2000 has found a perfect partner in mobile technology. As internet takes a breather, mobile platform continues to grow at a scorching pace. Both provide great advertising opportunities, which are quite similar in many ways.  

Mobile Advertising, which was once limited to bulk SMS, has evolved with the advent of smart phones and fifth generation mobile devices. These handsets may not look like computers, but perform and behave like a PC. It has browser, QWERTY keypad, super fast connection etc. In short, a user can perform all the tasks on this device which were unthinkable of a decade ago.

As mentioned above, mobile advertising is not limited to SMS. Today, advertisers are ready to spend large amounts of money to exploit this platform for advertising tasks. Some of the mobile advertising options are mentioned below.

1. Search engines – Advertisers typically place their ads on search engine results page (both organic and paid).

2. Mobile websites - Advertising via image ads and text links through popular portals.

3. Mobile applications – One of the promising options is to advertise on mobile applications. These ads sit at the top or bottom of the application window.

4. Gaming applications - Yet another popular mobile advertising avenue which functions just like app advertising.

Of all the mobile advertising options, SMS commands more than 80% of the revenue share. SMS Marketing because of its inherent attraction and other advantages continues hog the limelight.

SMS on its own is not very feature rich. But one of its subsets called bulk SMS, in tandem with internet, forms a formidable marketing platform. With bulk SMS tool, marketers target potential customers based of criteria's such as age, location, gender, education and even income. Such a targeted marketing strategy fetches great returns in terms of leads and sales. It is one of the best direct marketing tools, which is cheap, persuasive and reliable.

On the other hand traditional marketing platforms have become unaffordable and the return on investment does not make it feasible even for big organizations. No wonder then marketing departments of many companies have either shrunk their budgets for traditional advertising platforms or shifted their focus on bulk SMS.

So what exactly is bulk SMS?

Well, bulk SMS is a process of sending a common text Ad to thousands of recipients in one shot. Bulk SMS in India has evolved into a billion dollar industry. The technology that SMS providers offer to its users is the best in the world. Some of the salient features of bulk SMS technology are as follows.

1. A web based interface or desktop application - Marketers just need to compose a creative AD campaign, select the mobile numbers from built-in database of customers and click on the send button.

2. SMS credits - Credits are essential. Without credits it is not possible to send messages.

3. Technical support – SMS provider provides 24 X 7 backing, whether it is software related or customization of infrastructure.

Unlike telephone marketing or email, bulk SMS is discreet, has high conversion rate and read within minutes after receiving, which makes it one of the most responsive marketing avenues.

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Bulk SMS in India – A billion dollar industry

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Bulk SMS in India – A billion dollar industry

This article was published on 2012/03/29